Churchstoke Community Hall

West View, Old Church Stoke,

Montgomery, Powys, SY15 6DH

Churchstoke Community Hall.jpg   

Bookings and Caretaker: Mrs Anne Kinsey 

Tel: 01588 620110


Hire Rates Churchstoke Community Hall 





Main Hall and Kitchen


£8 per hour

£5 per hour



£5 per hour

£4 per hour

Entire Hall


£12 per hour

£8 per hour

Entire Hall whole day (9am-midnight)





Bar Licence (Churchstoke Community Hall only)                       

The bar licensee  is Mr D L Powell, Landlord of the Horsey and Jockey, Churchstoke. Tel: 01588 620060


Churchstoke Community Hall is managed by the Recreation Association

Chair: Ms Sarah Pugh - 01588 620844

Secretary: Ms Laura Tullett - 01588 620073

Hyssington Village Hall

Rockfield, Hyssington,

Montgomery, Powys, SY15 6AJ

 hyssington Village Hall.jpg

 Bookings and Caretaker:  Mrs Christine Jones

 Tel: 01588 620197